5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Adult Diapers

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Adult Diapers

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Adult Diapers 

Whether you call them adult diapers, adult pampers or adult pull ups, adult diapers serve to control urine leakage or urinary incontinence which affects between 10-40% of all Singaporeans. They are constructed to primarily absorb urine and occasionally stool. Incontinence refers to involuntary leakage of urine which occurs due to weakened pelvic floor and bladder muscles. Incontinence tends to increase with age but has a variety of other contributing factors such as pregnancy and childbirth, conditions related to the prostate, underlying health conditions and more. Adult Diapers serve to help those with urine leakage manage the condition and reduce the number of trips to the bathroom. Especially as those with urine leakage cannot control when and how they experience leakage - from the time of day to the frequency - wearing adult diapers proffers security, comfort and ensures discretion to continue living life. 

Managing incontinence can be tricky and so can navigating what the right incontinence products are for you. In this blog post we will debunk some of the common myths and misconceptions and highlight what to keep in mind! 

1. Using sanitary napkins instead of adult diapers 

The volume of one bathroom trip is on average more than 300 ml of fluid, far beyond the capacity of sanitary pads which absorb at most a couple of tablespoons of blood. This highlights the necessity for distinct products optimized for blood and urine absorption due to their different chemical compositions. While sanitary napkins are adept at absorbing blood, their padding and gel aren't designed for urine absorption. In contrast, adult diapers are meticulously engineered with advanced technology and premium absorbent materials, enabling them to effortlessly manage even the most demanding leaks. Additionally sanitary napkins are not constructed to prevent odors and leakages - especially as urine is not as dense as blood. 

2. Using an underpad instead of adult diapers 

Underpads are absorbent sheets which can be placed over a bed, and help absorb leakage ensuring it doesn’t soil bedsheets and linen. While they are useful in preventing leakage onto your bedsheets, they are not designed nor are the absorbeny enough to replace a trip to the bathroom. Underpads can at at best support the usage of adult diapers, but cannot replace them given they have limited absorbency. Additionally by only using underpads without adult diapers, there is a higher likelihood of those sleeping on the underpads being exposed to urine on their skin, increasing the likelihood of skin irritation, infection and rashes in sensitive areas.

3. Only looking at absorbency 

Higher absorbency of adult diapers is linked to the quantities of super absorbent polymer (SAP) used in the adult diapers themselves. SAP in adult diapers is embedded within fluff pulp to ensure that it remains soft and comfortable for the wearer. As the human body is different and each individual's incontinence needs also differ - it is important to evaluate how much urine leakage you are experiencing prior to buying adult diapers. Higher absorbency adult diapers are thicker than lower absorbency adult diapers and you may not need them - look specifically for the volume of absorption in millilitres or litres. Those who are mobile and able to look after themselves, tend to supplement adult diapers with regular trips to the bathroom, in which case an absorbency of 1-1.5L of urine is suitable for 3-4 bathroom visits and unexpected leaks.  

4. Not looking at rash free 

Adult diapers are used daily and for hours at a stretch, it is very important to ensure that the products you use are latex, lotion and fragrance free to prevent against any rashes or skin irritation. Understanding what goes inside your adult diapers is key in maintaining your comfort - so make sure to understand whether your brand is latex, lotion, rash free and additionally what certifications and international standards are followed to ensure the best quality standards. This can be looking out for symbols such as FDA, CE, ISO and others which look at managing international safety standards of products. 

5. Testing samples first 

Adult diapers come in different sizes catering to different body types, it is important to test samples of adult diapers before you purchase to ensure you are getting the right size for you. The fit of the adult diaper should be snug and comfortable, not too tight but not too loose. You should test out wearing the sample and use it for your daily activities, understanding the material and the absorbency for yourself. Testing samples is also a low-risk and reassuring way to make sure you have found the right adult diaper for you. 

In summary - adult diapers serve a meaningful role in the lives of those with incontinence - they allow you to go about your life without being limited by this common condition - but it is important to be mindful of the types of adult diapers and how to best select the right one for you! 

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