Take on Today!

Whether it’s spending time with a loved one, being active in your local community, or pursuing a hobby you love - worrying about having an incontinence episode shouldn’t get in the way.
Up to 40% of Singaporean adults could be living with some form of incontinence.
And yet, the products currently available in-market are impersonal, outdated and often ineffective. 

We wanted to change that.

AIRE has been thoughtfully designed with your comfort & security in mind.
Our pull-up pants work better, feel better and look better - to give you the confidence you need to Take on Today!

A deeply personal journey

My name is Nivedita and I’m so excited you’re here.
Aire has been a deeply personal journey for me; I grew up very close to my grandmoms and when they started needing incontinence wear, I wanted to give them more.
More freedom, more security, and more options.The products available in market at the time were expensive, didn’t fit well and lacked personality. Following months of testing, product development and production - what started as a desire to improve my grandmoms’ lives has now evolved into a product that hopefully improves many, many more lives. AIRE is committed to two things:

1) Always listening to your feedback and

2) Always going the extra mile for those who need it the most.

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