Aire X Henderson Dawson CC

Aire X Henderson Dawson CC

We were thrilled to partner with the good folks at the Henderson Dawson CC last year to run a workshop titled "Incontinence and Super Mummies". More than 30 recent mummies attended the event - and we were so heartened by their support, participation and openness. Did you know? 

  • >50% of adult women will experience incontinence
  • Incontinence increases with age, 75% of women over 65 experience incontinence
  • Incontinence is more likely if you have had children

This is because when you are pregnant, your body undergoes incredible change. As your baby grows, the pressure on your bladder increases and the amount of urine your bladder holds decreases, which means you need to urinate more frequently. This weakens the pelvic floor muscles and heightens the likelihood of leakage. 


Incontinence problems can continue after childbirth with weakened pelvic floors.

Through the workshop we shared exercises such as kegels, yoga poses like malasana (garland pose), bridge pose and walked through bladder training tips. Participants joined us trying the different exercises and for many it was the first time they had thought about their pelvic floor! 

Our favorite take-away from the event was when one lovely lady came up to us and told us she would practice kegels daily - since it was so easy to do! 

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