We ran out of 400 samples in an hour

We ran out of 400 samples in an hour!

We ran out of our 400 samples within an hour! Spending the day at the Bukit Batok East Wellness Day was a privilege. Singapore & the People's Association initiatives on supporting Active Aging are a masterclass in how governments can support seniors live their fullest lives regardless of age. From mass workouts to Qi Gong classes, the close to 1000 participants were engaged and energized.

For us - we spoke to hundreds who shared their struggles with incontinence (or urine leakage) and thanked us for speaking up! From the lady who took a picture of how to practice kegels (she had no idea there were exercises to support pelvic health) to the gentleman who shared how his incontinence has made him map where and when he can go out (who then eagerly took Aire samples citing it would make a world of a difference in his day -to- day) - the stories and engagement of the community was something that will stay with us long after the event ended. Running out of 400 samples in an hour just means there are more people who struggle with urine leakage than we know or are aware of!

To be an insurgent brand and with booths in the company of the Ministry of Health and others such as Healthier SG would not have been possible without the support of the PA team and specifically Mr. Eric - a big thank you for your camaraderie and willingness to break the stigma around incontinence! Onwards 😀
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