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Adult Pull Up Pants - Size S/M (2x10 pcs) (Adult Diaper Pants)

Adult Pull Up Pants - Size S/M (2x10 pcs) (Adult Diaper Pants)

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Aire is a homegrown Singaporean brand with more than 25 years of R&D behind it. We are designed to look better, feel better and work better - so you can Take on Today! We have thousands of 5-Star reviews and are loved by customers, caregivers and healthcare professionals alike. We hope to be of service to you! We ship from Singapore and pride ourselves on our quality and service - if there are any questions or concerns, please do reach out to us! 


Adult Pull Up Diaper Pants which can be worn/removed easily - for both day and night use with high absorbency and no leakage. Super cottony soft and breathable. Suitable for Moderate to heavy incontinence or urine leakage. Highly absorbent (>1L), snug and breathable. Super absorbent extra wide dual protection core across front and rear for day and night use. Japanese SAP to ensure zero- leakage and maximum dryness. Elastic waist with tearable side seams and colored stitching. Barrier leg cuffs with extra protection. Acquisition Distribution Layer (ADL) with airbonded technology for even distribution of liquid. Super soft, body hugging material with cutting edge odour guard. Breathable materials which are latex free, fragrance free and lotion free 

For those who are active and those needing assistance

Size Guide 





26-34" or 66-86cm



34-44" or 89-112cm

Extra Large 


45-63" or 114- 163cm 

Questions or comments - visit us at or email- We are at your service! 

Incontinence or urine leakage affects 400 million people worldwide, a common condition requiring specific care. Aire Adult Pull Up Pants also called diaper pants or adult pampers, help you expertly manage urine leakage with our underwear style adult diaper pants which can be put on and removed easily with no leaks. Super cottony soft material, an extra wide front and rear for day and night use and suitable for men and women, Japanese SAP, Airbonded ADL layers are designed to fit like regular underwear and feel super comfortable while ensuring quick dry and breathability locking in all odours. All Aire products are latex, lotion and fragrance free - preventing rashes and suitable for sensitive skin. With thousands of 5-star reviews from customers, caregivers, and healthcare providers whether you are looking for yourself, or for your loved ones - we got you! 

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